Imaginary Friends (VOEZ edit)

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パックElectro Pop Selection
  • 同人音楽サークル「Diverse System」より発売されたコンピレーションアルバム『thinkover. calmdown』からのアレンジ収録
    • 原曲は作曲者のsta氏が製作している音楽ゲーム「Tone Sphere」にも収録されている。
    • VOEZに収録されているバージョンはTone Sphereの最新アルバム『Dark Moon』に収録される。


  • Easy
  • Hard
  • Special



  • 英詞

We smiled after each other
Under the coil induced by a small pulse
Both vowed to be the kid's
Till the end of our universe

Every once in a while
We shared the same rain and broken umbrella
If the lights in the sky would fade
We are gonna fill our devoid

Your lights and warm never let me go
Till the end of time, we'll be our blankets so long
Down this dark street I see the bright smile
And then my heart starts to pulse in a heartbeat so long

Every time I've messed up
Keener and keener the my senses
I can feel how my escape
Becoming, ah, rather more sane

Every single mess
Curiouser and curioser of landscape
By pulling it out of the insance
We're gonna live out

So long, you are my best friends forever ever
through the looking glass, we reach up to these grim dark ends
We smile under the coil all over again
So to make sure we sure we wouldn't wake up to dark so long

All the little heart across whole world of hive
All the little heart across the world of hive
We'll all be the imaginary friends in the end


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